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We design and build with the idea that your home is a place of rejuvenation, comfort, and safety. Its a place that all success has a platform from.


Zane M Goodwin

 Founder, Building scientist, CPHB

Zane came into the building industry from the investment side. Starting in wholesale(acquiring and selling investment properties) quickly turned into flipping homes. It was here that Zane fell in love with the construction process. Flipping homes that were nearly 100 years old, Zane got to see first hand a history of home building and more importantly what did not work over time(READ: what failed!). Ravenously researching day in and out and falling in love with ensuring that what he built would not have the same rotted fate as what he was replacing led him to the dark and nerdy world or Building Science. Now his focus is on material sustainability and the science behind what makes a home healthy allowing home dwellers to positively benefit and thrive in life. 

Zane concurrently serves as the US Passive House Alliance’s representative to the Southeast and is 1 of 3 Certified Passive House Builders in Georgia. He is proudly a US Army Infantry Veteran.

Joel C. Thornton

Operations Manager, Building Scientist, CPHB

Joel found his way into the construction industry after graduating from college in 2016 while helping his family restore his great-grandfather’s century-old farmhouse in rural Virginia. He quickly fell in love with the satisfaction and wholesomeness that came from working with his hands. His love for building didn’t end there, however. His fascination with off-grid, energy-independent homes and interest in energy-efficient buildings led him to the world of Building Science. When he wasn’t on jobsites building homes, he was learning and researching how to make homes more efficient, healthy, and durable. After spending four years building homes in Virginia, Joel returned to his hometown of Atlanta in 2020 to continue building the finest homes possible while pursuing his master’s degree in Building Construction from Georgia Tech. 

Joel is 1 of 3 Certified Passive House Builders in Georgia. 




Nicole graduated from the Savannah School of Art and Design with her Masters Degree in 2013 and achieved her architectural license in 2018.  Her work experience includes multifamily mixed use developments, luxury residential town homes, student housing, adaptive reuse, and commercial retail spaces.  Combined with exceptional communication and design skills, this experience has enabled her to work through many challenging projects in her career.  Nicole has been an active member in the local AIA chapter and currently sits on the board for Women in Architecture committee. 

Nicole enjoys trail running and traveling around the country with a goal to visit all 61 National Parks.




Julie is a well established citizen of intown Atlanta. She understands that fabric of and design nuance of each of Atlanta’s neighbors. She is exceptional at mating new modern flavor and flare with the original intent of design and language of old homes of the area. A natural curator of design she is forever bettering herself. She hails from the prestigious  Savanah School of Art and Design (SCAD) where she studied production and interior design.

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