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What we do? Custom Homes.

We are builders first! As a leading Marietta home construction company, our high level goal is to build homes that simply last. Secondarily, and as a byproduct of building in a robust manner, is health. A custom home is your created life and the ultimate expression of self. Nothing else in life is quite as truly catered to you and we understand that while you can probably get the “look” from another builder, we are the pinnacle builder in Atlanta to bring comfort, and health driven homes to the forefront of home building. Our Marietta home construction company builds at standards that are magnitudes greater than code requirements and are cognizant that the inhabitants are our number one focus; Healthy and Thriving!


Full Service Design + Build

Architecture and Design

We are an Architecture driven company that understands that the intangibles are what make homes great! Rather it is using us as the designer from the get go or using us as consultants with your architect, we take your ideas and materialize them.  

Land Acquisition

Coming from the investment side of the industry we are very good at acquisition of both on and off market property that is perfect for your new home! Let us know if we can help!

Custom Home Building

We are builders first. We are at the forefront of Atlanta’s High Performance Building. Our Marietta home construction company is proud to be 1 of only 2, Certified Passive House Builders in Georgia. Leading the best craftsman to create homes with the inhabitants in mind first. What you see is as deep as the traditional builder goes. We continue into the realm of comfort, air-quality, and energy conservation. 

Renovations and Additions

We started in renovations and additions. Its what made us fall in love with building science. The things we saw wrong with 100 year old homes, we sought to build better so our buildings didn’t have the same fate in the next 100. We intimately understand older structures, materials and building practices of yester-year and can successfully bring new modern materials and building practices into your home while style respecting and maintaining the style and charm that makes your home, home!

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