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Neuro-architecture: Why Purpose-Driven Projects Should Consider Panelized Artisan Design

Neuro-architecture is about building designs that affect the occupants’ mood and emotions in a positive, healing way.

Great organizations, non-profits, and social movements evoke a feeling within the public that inspires people into action.

Great art does this, as well.

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Now, with the rising study of neuro-architecture, we’re identifying with data-driven metrics what the greatest architects, builders, and visionaries have known all along:

Our body and brain respond to the space we’re in and the places we visit.

The aim is for the working team to create a well-designed space that leaves a beautiful, inspiring feeling to all who visit.  This can be crucial for organizations looking to build rapport quickly, keep creative output high, and affect positive change at every level. But is high design feasible for the average non-profit or purpose-driven project?

Home and Made’s Passive Green Construction System is making artisan projects like this feasible for any project conscious of how the space we’re in, directly impacts our intuition, mood, and cognitive function.

More about Neuro-architecture

Architects across the world are learning more and more about the healing nature of a great design. The study of neuro-architecture gives us solid data that the living and workspaces we occupy our time within have an emotional impact on us.

This is important for purpose-driven projects to keep in mind because so much non-profit work requires inspiring the public into action.

Neuro-architecture uses four principles when approaching living and workspace design:

1. Sensation and perception

This is about understanding the proper use of lighting and color and its effect on the body’s biorhythms 

2. Learning and memory

The focus is the proper use of shapes and movement, geometrical, rounded, or otherwise

3. Decision making

Productivity is reduced when we go into decision fatigue and this can have a negative impact on the workplace; a minimalist design that caters to how we more effectively make micro-decisions creates a positive impact on those in a space

4. New experiences

There’s a delight when we walk into a space that flows perfectly and perfectly satiates us with color, personality, and fresh ideas

Non-Profits and Purpose-Driven Projects Benefit

Any business, organization, or group planning on meeting with investors, donors, and changemakers on a regular basis should be utilizing neuro-architectural designs to create a space that feels safe, friendly, and productive.

However, these kinds of spaces can oftentimes balloon in scope, time, and budget quickly. That’s why we’ve introduced our Passive Green Construction System at Home and Made.

The passive construction process allows us to build with quality and precision. This will also provide high-level artisan-quality fabrication of architectural elements.  

That means that you get the quality design and feeling you’re looking for in less time. Equally as important is it will be on a budget that won’t balloon out of control.

One-of-a-kind designs have historically been delegated to a very long and often, very expensive process. But not anymore with newer designs.

By working with the Home and Made design team, we can help your organization land on such design. This aims to create a design that evokes the kind of feeling your project wants to provide to the world. And by utilizing the modular design aspects of the Passive Green Construction System we’ll be able to land on a more concrete building schedule and budget.



You get the artisan space your project deserves in a timeframe that makes fiscal sense.

Studies now prove that cities, buildings, and infrastructure design have a direct impact on our mood and well-being. We each have specialized cells in the hippocampal region of our brains attuned to the geometry and arrangement of the spaces we inhabit.

This kind of thinking and design has been brought into many of the places we consider holy or sacrosanct. But now, non-profits and purpose-driven projects can tap into that same design philosophy to create an essence around their project.

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Many of the greatest architectural achievements—the projects that strike us at an emotional level—took hundreds of years to build. Our process cuts build times by up to half that of conventional construction. The Passive Green Construction System allows any project to enjoy a deep level of artisan detail, design, and emotional impact on a timeframe that matches the needs of nearly any organization.



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